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Common mistakes people make: The human eye, essential nutrients, and reproduction

The human eye and why I focus so much on mistakes Human biology is full of mistakes. It shouldn’t be a surprise that in our evolutionary travels that we ended up with a few glitches along the way. What is surprising is that we don’t think we have any glitches. We understand that we haveContinue reading “Common mistakes people make: The human eye, essential nutrients, and reproduction”

common mistakes people make: availability heuristic and outcome bias

Human Error and Uncertainty The human experience is anything but predictable. If you are an economist you face this problem sooner than later. One of the great purposes of the sciences is to offer predictability. It is how we made the calendar, how we got to the moon, and how we opened up the worldContinue reading “common mistakes people make: availability heuristic and outcome bias”

Contemporary Magic #2

Contemporary Magic #1 Ellie woke up with a start. Only to be reminded that it was her alarm clock. She hated herself for turning it up so loud but she never seemed to wake up if it didn’t scare the life out of her. As Ellie walked into her first-period class she felt somewhat unsettledContinue reading “Contemporary Magic #2”

Contemporary Magic #1

“Hey, Jenny can I tell you a secret?” Ellie asked. Some might say that this was the first question that Ellie has ever truly asked Jenny. Not that they hadn’t conversed before. They knew each other’s favorite color. Both of them knew they liked pizza but Ellie preferred it without pepperoni. They knew each otherContinue reading “Contemporary Magic #1”


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